Cabana Guangdong Gemini Stores Cabana大湾区双店

The Cabana Guangzhou Parc Central Store and Shenzhen Luohu Mixc Store are twin flowers of Cabana Furniture in the Dawan District. The design of both stores features a key element known as the “box of surprise” to connect a series of exhibition spaces with different atmospheres.

The “box of surprise” conceptualises a complex of architectural blocks of different styles and materials. In the stores, these architectural blocks function as a substitute for partition walls to define a flowing space. In the “boxes”, furniture and lighting are displayed to recreate the environment and atmosphere of a real home. Through these boxes, the space is divided into “interior” and “exterior”. By exploring both the inside and outside of the boxes, visitors will experience a richly layered exhibit.



The layouts of the two stores are different, hence the organization of the boxes in these two locations, and their relationship with the surrounding environment are different.

Cabana Guangzhou Tianhuan Store is located on the underground level of Parc Central in the heart of Guangzhou, with a gently spreading floor plan covering 890 square meters. The boxes are arranged in a staggered manner, simulating scenes of alleys, squares and dwellings. Inside the boxes are relatively static furniture display areas, while between the boxes form either narrow or wide-open flowing loops, unfolding a continuous path for customers to explore, encouraging them to keep moving to the next section. The thoughtfully curated furniture can be either found in the boxes in a contextual layout, or scattered in different forms of groups in the outside space between the boxes, bringing a visiting experience full of surprises.


cabana广州店天环店位于广州市中心天环购物中心Parc Central地下一层,它的平面舒缓铺开,占地有890平方米。8个盒子被错落地组织在这里,将均质的展陈区划分为“内部”和“外部”,模拟出小巷、广场与住所的情景。盒内是相对静态的家具陈列区域,盒子与盒子之间则形成了或狭窄或开阔的流动回环空间,暗示顾客连续参观的路径,鼓励他们不断进入下一个全新的区域停留、探索。展陈团队精心挑选的家具,或以情境式布局摆放在盒子中,或以不同形式的组团散落在盒子间的“外部空间”中,带给人们丰富的参观体验。

On the other hand, Cabana Shenzhen Wanxiangcheng Store is a two-storey roadside store. The ground floor is only 110 square meters, with a deep depth and a narrow width; the second floor is slightly larger, but with an expanse of 420 square meters, it is barely half the size of the Guangzhou store. In addition to the staircase connected to the ground floor, there is a second entrance leading to the atrium on the second floor. On the ground floor, the three “boxes” are conjoined as an ” entrance hall – foyer – living room” situation in a residential space. They correspond to different selling areas. The rhythm of different sections lessens the sense of depth of the unconventional space. The varies materials, such as light-colored grainy paint, dark cherry wood niches and Glamora exotic patterned wallpaper, contribute to the colourful mood of the different areas. In the middle “foyer” area, a sculptural staircase leads visitors upward to the main exhibition area on the second floor. Here, the boxes are integrated in a manner similar to that of the Guangzhou store, except that they are closer to each other with a tighter rhythm. The areas between the staircase and the entrance of the atrium are either open or enclosed, connecting groups of furniture settings like a chain of pearls. The experience of shifting views while walking makes one feel like wandering through gardens.


In both projects, materials are one of the most important factors. The choice of materials is based on the modernist aesthetics of the mid-twentieth century. Foundational materials such as colored marble, tile, brick, concrete, and textured paint are contrasted with soft materials such as textiles, textured glass, and wood. Different moods are attributed to the various styles of boxes and the exterior spaces between them, creating a dynamic dialogue with the extensive display of furniture.


Project details

  • PROJECT LOCATION 项目地点: (Guangzhou/广州店)
    Parc Central, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, China 中国广州市天河区天环广场
  • PROJECT LOCATION 项目地点: (Shenzhen/深圳店)
    The Mixc, Luohu district, Shenzhen, China 中国深圳市罗湖区万象城店
    Interior Design / Façade Design 室内设计 / 立面改造
  • TYPOLOGY 项目类型:
    Commercial 商业空间
  • BUILDING AREA 建筑面积 (m²): (Guangzhou/广州店)
    900 m²
  • BUILDING AREA 建筑面积 (m²): (Shenzhen/深圳店)
    530 m²
    Built 建成
  • DESIGN TEAM 设计团队:
    陈海霞, 吴佳轩, 贵溥健, 吴雨星, 陈石见
  • LIGHTING CONSULTANT 灯光顾问: (Guangzhou/广州店)
    Lumia Lab 麓米照明
  • CONSTRUCTION 施工方: (Guangzhou/广州店)
    Bonmy Design 中山邦迈设计工程有限公司
  • CONSTRUCTION 施工方: (Shenzhen/深圳店)
    Beijing Million Partner Construction Company Limited 北京亿达和信装饰工程有限公司
    黄早慧@AGENT PAY