Qiyun Treehouse Resort 齐云山树屋营地

Located at the foot of the Qiyun Mountains in Anhui Province, this project serves as the reception center for a treehouse resort and an affiliated restaurant. The project is part of a vast complex, which is still under development with a variety of further houses planed. The design principle was therefore to seek appropriate form within this unique cluster while respecting and highlighting the natural environment, and leaving open the possibility of changes of functional configuration in the future.


The two building-volumes are composed of a series of interlinking units and thereby split into several “granules”, each unit is square in plan and assembled according to the topography. By this means the two buildings subtly integrate into the natural environment, facing each other along the lakeside. The adjacent wooden terraces hold a wonderful view over the lake. The wooden roofs of the units are in the form of tents, suggesting the conceptual theme of the Treehouse Resort. Meanwhile, each unit varies in height and roof slope, echoing the diverse silhouette of trees of different shapes and heights in the forest.


Both the façade and the roofs are clad in timber shingles of the same color and texture, emphasizing the form of the volume itself and visually unifying the units, while the striking window and door frames breaking the homogeneousness and continuity of the complex. The ventilation system is concealed behind the shingles, keeping the façade dry and breathable. The towering roofs are “cut off” at the apex so that a skylight is created to provide bright daylight during the day and a view of the starry sky at night. To achieve the special shape of the roof, a unique pyramidal supporting structure was designed specifically for this purpose. This wooden structure is fully integrated into the interior and, together with the skylight, draws the sight upwards and emphasizes the center of the room. The natural slate flooring not only makes a rustic statement, but also leaves a neutral, clean space for the client to create their interior design.


Project details

  • Project location:
    Qiyunshan ecotourism area, Huangshan, Anhui, China
  • Typology:
  • Usage:
    Hotel, Resort
  • Involvement:
    Concept design, construction
  • Type:
  • Status:
  • Principle designer:
    Cai Wei, Philipp Buschmeyer
  • Design starting date:
    May 2014
  • Construction starting date:
    February 2016
  • Construction finish date:
    July 2016
  • Building Area (m²):
    454 m²
  • Photography:
  • Client:
    Sunriver Holding Group Co., Ltd.