Y.not Restaurant 三里屯Y.not餐厅

The Y.not restaurant in Sanlitun North is defined by its concept of an “all-day bistro”, inviting guests to casually walk in and consider the place as their own living room and kitchen.


Given the laid-back keynote of the restaurant, the client envisaged a garden-like space, where the culinary experience can happen amid flowers and greenery. Our design is therefore developed based on this theme, to create a “graden” with a variety of materials, colors and elements.


The kitchen area is located right in the center of the restaurant, along with an open staircase, it divides the public area into four sections: the bar at the entrance, the terrace, the garden and a compact VIP area.


Stepping out of the elevator, one will first arrive at the bar, which also serves as a reception and cashier. A small window to the kitchen has been opened in this area, so that the guests can enjoy a drink or some tapas while they’re waiting for a table. A brick wall extends into the stairway area, turning into a row of seating facing the bar, with the flickering flames of the fireplace dancing next to it.


The terrace is an outdoor area, separated from the bar and the garden by a thin wall. This wall is basically constructed of a sequence of pea-green flat columns interlinked with solid panels and striped glass in the same color, illuminating the space with a soft, bright tone. A few huge petal-shaped lights hang down from the ceiling, welcoming the plants growing upward from the ground. These petal lights were designed during the pandemic, when David Hockney painted a picture of daffodils and named it “Do remember they can’t cancel the Spring.” Moved and inspired by that painting, I decided to transform the very idea into the space – thus these lights. Each petal is over one meter long, stretched with translucent linen. I hope these lights could offer a soothing power through their soft, warm light, just like David Hockney’s yellow daffodils do.

露台区在规划中属于室外区域,跟吧台和花园区之间隔着一道薄墙。这道薄墙的主要结构是以序列形式展开的豆绿色扁柱,扁柱之间豆绿色的实心板与条纹玻璃穿插,将空间的色彩晕染得柔和而明亮。几朵巨大的花瓣灯从天花上垂下来,与地面向上生长的绿植交相呼应。设计这些花瓣灯的时候,新冠疫情正在全球肆虐,David Hockney画了一幅水仙花,将之取名为:Do remember they can’t cancel the Spring. 这幅画打动了我,我想在空间中用某种形式将它表达出来,所以设计了这些灯,它们长逾一米的花瓣上绷着半透明的麻布,将光线过滤得柔和而温暖,洒到空间中,我希望它们也有David Hockney的黄水仙一般抚慰人心的力量。

Another major section of the restaurant is the lush garden. Together with our horticulturist, Mr. Yang Hao, we have made a great effort to realize a real garden in the interior space of a shopping mall. The pea-green ceiling has a series of small skylights that remind of a greenhouse. The skylight directly above the garden is larger than the others. The shade of the trees is silhouetted on the luminous membrane, as if there was real daylight pouring down from the patio. We played a little trick here by setting up pipes around the skylight – when it rains outside, there will be water dripping down from the skylight. Whoever sitting next to the garden might be confused: am I indoors or outdoors?


The solid walls and floors are covered with bricks. By changing the masonry patterns, we created a rhythmic texture on the walls and floor. The warm tone of terracotta is interwoven with pea-green and other shades of green of the plants, composing a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.


Project details

  • Project location:
    North area of Sanlitun, Beijing
  • Project type:
    Interior design
  • Project status:
  • Principle designer:
    Cai Wei, Philipp Buschmeyer
  • Photography:
    Seemore Studio